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OK.  It's pretty simple.  We all know that mobile rocks.  It's been shown that mobile users reply within minutes and they also are mega BUYERS compared to getting emails, faxes etc.   No worrying about spam filters either.

Just use your favorite mobile broadcaster or we can suggest one for you.

You are doing great if you get 1% response with phone broadcasting.  You can expect a higher return with mobile marketing. (all depending on your message of course).

Frankly they cost me in tens of thousands of dollars to obtain.

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20 19 11 7 4 2  left
Only 19 Packages left!
The last 19 Lead Firesale offers
sold out FAST!

I am offering these until
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Once sold we will close
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Price: $397
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*Please note that due to high fraudulent orders when we offer large lead packages, we DO NOT give instant download to the databases.  We verify all orders by phone and our merchant provider runs checks as well.

Disclaimer: The income examples on this website are just that - examples. They are not intended to represent or guarantee that everyone will achieve the same results. You understand that each individual's success will be determined by his or her desire, dedication, background, effort and motivation to work. There is no guarantee you will duplicate any of the results stated here. You recognize any business endeavor has inherent risk for loss of capital.  We do not accept any responsibility after the leads are sold or how they are used.  Every person MUST use compliant marketing techniques.  As with any leads, people opt out from many different users so it is up to you to keep your lists as clean as possible and to honor any removals.  Deliverability varies according to many factors and we do no claim that these leads are deliverable by any specific percentage.  We are giving EXTREME value and they come as is.